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To help prepare people and communities in Bladen County for disaster readiness, response, and recovery.

READINESS (Prepare and Educate):

  • Identify community resource options

  • Identify community resource centers

  • Identify community coordination structure, plan, and people

  • Locate disaster center supplies from list

  • Educate communities

RESPOND (During and 30 days after):

  • Contact and collaborate with the EOC

  • Set up disaster center command post

  • Contact community coordinators

  • Set up community command post

  • Start early response care (food, clothing, shelter, intake, counseling)

RECOVERY (Long-term):

  • Case Management

  • Rebuild through collaboration with BDRT

Once the readiness plan is mostly completed we can create brochures, media tools, and the educational plan to complete the disaster readiness campaign.

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