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Family Spotlight

This fall, a Bladen County family will be moving into a new house after Hurricane Florence damaged their previous home. After losing most of their belongings and living in a hotel for many, many months, this family is ready to be established in a safe and healthy home. However, their new house will be empty. We have been asked to help this family furnish their home.

If you have furniture, small appliances, or other home goods you would like to donate, contact us today!

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At least 200 families are still displaced from Hurricane Florence and more from previous natural disasters.
There is much to do, and we need your help!

Be in prayer for volunteers, donations, and the families

who are still facing hardships

due to the storm.



  • Volunteers to serve in different capacities.

-Distribution: (as needed)


Sort items, load, and distribute relief items for Disaster Survivors.

Provide case management for disaster survivors.

Help solicit disaster survivor relief items for the Distribution Center.


-Disaster Response: (as needed)


Be prepared and willing to go serve communities throughout Bladen when  disaster strikes.  We want to create food teams, assessment teams, muck out teams, and counseling and relief teams.


-Disaster Recovery: (currently needed)


Grant writers are needed to pursue grant funding for the BDRT to help with supplies and needs of Disaster Survivors.

We need trained teams on how to asses disaster homes and perform muck outs for flood damage.

We need skilled labor teams to assist in the rebuild process of homes. If you are licensed in your field, we would like to know as well

We rely on grants and the generosity of our community

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