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Recent Meetings


The Community Leaders Meeting and BDRT Members Meetings were very successful this week.


Thank you so much for all who joined us!


  • The needs are so great here in Bladen County, that it will take the efforts of everyone that can be involved!

  • We need volunteers for:

  1. Projects

  2. Case Management


Legal Aid has 80 cases in Bladen County but they're still eligible to take clients from Hurricane Matthew and Florence.


Legal Aid Number 👉 984-528-7260



Can my church send volunteers to the BDRT or support a project in their own community?

  • Yes, of course! The need for volunteers is growing as the BDRT is growing, gaining traction, and becoming more active in projects!

When are Community Resource Centers activated?

  • The Resource Centers are activated when your community is affected by another disaster.

  • This takes place once it is safe to travel and when we have supplies to distribute.

  • The Emergency Management Services of the county may have shelters activated as well.


Community Days

  • We want to plan some community days to train and prepare community resource centers and their communities on where to go as far as a disaster!

If you would like to schedule a community day for your resource center in your community, please email us back!


Case Management

  • Some volunteers and people already have case management experience with other entities, but we need to get people trained for disaster case management.

Would this be something you would be interested in?

Click HERE

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Why join?


So we can share resources and support through our churches to impact our communities more effectively.

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Jason Williams

BDRT Board Chairman

Phone: 910-549-0661


Community Resource Centers.jpg

Austin Smith

BDRT Communications Manager

Phone: 910-258-5037

Email: | 108 South Cypress Street, Elizabethtown, NC 28337

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